Solving problems and bringing chaos back into order is what Travis does best. ‘The simpler the better’ is a motto he lives by and this flows into his hobby of motorcycling. His machines focus on the essence of motorcycling. No complicated Skynet, Terminator or electronic technology that can take over the world, clearly a huge Terminator movie fan.

When not on, looking at, talking about or browsing anything motorcycle related, Travis enjoys getting out into nature, the crackling of a campfire with good mates and an ice-cold beer in hand.

He just so happens to have a Diploma in 3 Dimensional Design and a Bachelors of Technology in Industrial Design. Since 2007, Travis has been involved in sectors from banking, to kids toys to mining.

Not only has he created successful overseas partnerships spanning over 10 years, but his customers dig him. He’s a likeable biker guy, after all.

Tommy Fritz
Studio Manager & Partner - Industrial Designer

Tommy Fritz received in 2004 his Bachelor of  Technology Degree in industrial design. His design experience has led to rewarding his clients with a competitive edge in their marketplace and preserved their position in the market as leaders.

Tommy is a team player and is passionate about his work, striving to push the boundaries of what is possible.

When relaxing, “playing as hard as working” becomes a standard. Screaming a dirt bike into the horizon, dancing with fire and tactical shooting become high priority on the menu. Winding down also includes enjoying nature and family time.

David Stievenart
Industrial Designer

Dave is passionate about great product design. He also loves a good graphic design challenge when the opportunity arises. He is an avid Tolkien fan and can tell you anything about Lord of the Rings. When he is not reading books and absorbing more knowledge, Dave enjoys flying model aircrafts at a local airfield, bashing around on his drum kit and getting out into nature for a good day’s hiking. No surprise, he also has the necessary degrees and diplomas as his colleagues.

Shane Keates
Industrial Designer

Shane is fanatic about good design, well thought out function and the form that follows it. He’s the youngest member of our team but brings a freshness to the crew with his Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design and more impressively his BA honours in the same.

In his spare time, he likes to play golf, gaming and improve all aspects of his design skills such as graphic design and prototyping. Shane enjoys a sassy chicken burger and can share his all time go-to-burger list! To chill after a long day, he likes to chase his dogs and drink a warm cup of tea. Typical millennial.

Cons – The only non-coffee drinker. This will change soon, watch this space.


Stephen Stanley


Veronique Stanley

Legal Director

Elaine Dreyer

HR and Office Manager

Quentin Du Preez

Financial Director

Pamela Buckle

Marketing Manager