How We Turn Your Product Idea into a Reality in 6 Steps

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A business becomes successful and endures volatile market conditions only if they have a robust and sturdy product idea that doesn’t fail no matter what. However, even if you come up with an excellent product idea, driving it to fruition isn’t a cakewalk. Plus, it’s not necessary that your product idea won’t have loopholes in it. If you have a product idea or need one, KM Design can help you turn it into a reality in six simple steps. Here’s how we go about helping you flourish your business.

1. Idea Generation and Consultation

The first thing we sit down for is to come up with a robust product idea. We believe you should be an equal part in this brainstorming session which is why you stay in constant touch with us. Idea generation and consultation helps us get a 360-degree view of what your vision and mission is. Back and forth feedback is an essential element to zeroing down on a product idea that exceeds all expectations.

idea generation at km design

2. Concept, Design, Modelling, and Rendering

Your product idea needs to take shape to be able to show its capability. This is where concept designing, modelling, and rendering comes into the picture. A team of expert designers sit down to bring to picture a concept design of what your product idea will look like. Once the design is finalized, the product idea concept is then modelled and rendered.

3. Presentation and Review

Like every first draft of a novel needs to undergo review and editing before it is published for the masses, we ensure that the rendered product idea is reviewed by you. A presentation session is held where we put forth the rendered model in front of you. We discuss if this meets your expectations or if there’s something missing.

4. Engineering and Refinement

This is the phase where we put the last touches on the product idea. Every care is taken to eliminate even the slightest of errors. We leave no scope for loopholes that could ruin the final product. Thorough engineering and refinement takes place to ensure that your product idea transforms into reality in the most optimum way possible.

5. Prototyping and Testing

Once all nooks and corners of the product design are thoroughly refined, we begin creating a prototype of your product idea. You need not worry about how it’ll be manufactured. We take care of the entire process for you. Once an initial prototype is ready, we begin testing the product rigorously. All corner cases are taken care of during this phase. Then, we hold a meeting with you to show you the prototype of the product idea. Only when you are satisfied with how well it works do we move forward with manufacturing the mould.

6. Manufacture and Production

The final phase of turning your product idea into a reality is manufacturing and then production. We can assist you with the process of manufacturing a mould  and once this is complete,  beginning the large scale production of your product at an injection moulding plant.

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