CoroCAM 7

A professional Solar Blind UV Corona Camera brought to you by UViRCO, the leading supplier of Corona/Ultra Violet (UV) discharge detection solutions to the world’s Power Industry

Uvirco Technologies approached KM Product Design to harness their technology into a high-end and compact product that equally matched the technology being offered. The intention was for the CoroCAM 7 to be an easy to operate UVc imaging system yet have a high-tech visual appeal. As part of the CoroCAM Corona camera family, its purpose is to visualise and locate electrical discharges (corona and arcing) from High Voltage hardware.

There was a huge emphasis on all ergonomic aspects of the design. The rotatable handle, LCD screen and view finder not only had to feel comfortable but also had to project a sense of quality to the user from the feel and sound of the moving parts of the camera, right to the last clip.

Achieving the best ergonomics

Multiple foam prototypes needed to be sculpted to achieve the best ergonomics of the rotating handle and optimum button arrangements.

Many features such as multiple buttons on the handle, easy battery access, multiple cable connector access, sensors and antenna ports had to be carefully positioned and incorporated into a compact design that has a high-tech visual appeal.

In Summary

KM Product Design worked in synergy with the Uvirco team to achieve the highest output for the electronics and plastic components. This has resulted in Uvirco having a competitive edge in the market.